Unity Dance Studios believes that the ability to learn and teach dance concepts is a privilege and should be available to all. Therefore everyone will always be accepted into Unity Dance Studios regardless of race, gender, origin, etc. So I, Sarah Griffin, as owner of Unity Dance Studios promise to always provide a fair and nurturing environment at Unity Dance Studios for everyone to learn the art of dance.


Everyone's first year registration is free! (So since it's everyones first year this year everyone gets in free!) But going forward there will be a registration fee of 20$. The registration fee is to hold your spot in the appropriate class. Registration is not valid until all the necessary forms are completed, signed, paid for, and turned in. Registration fee is also nonrefundable.


Tuition is broken up over nine months and is to be paid at the first of every month (September-May). Tuition can be paid by cash, check, or direct deposit(coming soon). All returned checks will result in a 10$ fee. If your account falls behind more than 2 months you will be asked to pay your bill and enrollment may be canceled. Costumes, shoes, dance photos, and competition fees are not included in tuition pricing. Tuition is nonrefundable under any circumstance.


Unity Dance Studios asks that you do not bring your child or yourself to the studio if you have any of the following symptoms within the last 24 hours:

-Running nose (anything not clear. I have allergies so I get it)






-Sore Throat

You will be asked to pick your child up if they are showing signs of any of these symptoms. This is a precautionary measure taken to keep everyone safe and healthy!


Unity Dance Studios wants to help keep everyone safe in case of disastrous event so we will close if the schools close for weather concerns. There will be a make up class scheduled in case of this event or a zoom class. If dancer does not attend because of illness or any other reason we will also schedule a make up class or a zoom class for that as well. Make up classes will not be added to anyones bill.


Each dancer will be measured in class in order to order costumes for the end of the year recital in May and competitions. The costume fee will be discussed at a later date and will be determined by the number of dances the child is in.


Unity Dance Studio will hold a picture day for all dancers to take individual and class pictures in February. These pictures will be used to in the recital booklet that will be available to purchase at recital. Separate photos will also be available to purchase.


Finally the fun part! In the very near future I will be creating competition teams. These teams will be divided by age and skill. There will be tryouts to determine which team best fits the dancer. It will be optional as there will be competitive and non competitive classes in the future. The competitive classes will have class two times a week and once a month Saturday practices. All teams will compete 2-5 routines depending on progress at competitions like KAR and GROOVE. I grew up going to these competitions and it was always so much fun so I can't wait to go with a group of my own!